I heard this when I was running to Wal-Mart to get a few things for our New Years Eve party. This song gave me goosebumps and I had to stop the car because I was in tears.

tracy lawrence

somebody who would die for you

I need this will someone buy it for me it's only 4 thousand dollars!
I heard this song today on the radio and it made me cry like a little girl, I was so touched and felt ever so thankful for our wonderful troops protecting us. I was even more surprised to learn it was by Rodney Carrington yes the same Rodney Carrington that brought us songs such as Titties and Beer, Dear Penis, Morning Wood, Rhymes With Truck, and Show Them to Me.

Camouflage and Christmas Lights - Rodney Carrington
A very sweet Christmas song

Antsy McClain - Mary Lou's Christmas List
Katie's Christmas Music
Not your average Christmas Music

Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours - Merry Christmas from the Trailer Park

Robert Earl Keene - Merry Christmas from the Family

The Killers - Don't Shoot Me Santa

Brad Paisley - Born on Christmas Day

Brad Paisley - Penguin, James Penguin


Hello yall,
My Name is Katie I am married to my amazing husband Michael and together we have amazing son, Noah. I graduated from the University of Memphis GO TIGERS GO!!!! with a bachelors degree in physical education. I am an Elementary school PE teacher, it is the greatest job in the world and I can truly say I love my job. Sadly at the end of the year I will be leaving my career and becoming a stay at home mom, I'm very excited about that. Me and Mike just bought our dream home on Pickwick Lake, which is like heaven on earth for us. I love boating I grew up around water and I just love being out on the water with my friends and family me and my husband own a 2006 Mastercraft X-45. I can not wait to pass down my love of water to my son, I'm so excited to teach him to wakeboard and stuff. I am also a very athletic person, I have an obsession with sports. I played softball and ran track my entire life and a little known fact about me I am a semi professional wakeboarder. I am a very random person and this is what I plan this blog to be just random thoughts that go threw my mind. Well kids that is all for now yall come back now yall here.