Hello yall,
My Name is Katie I am married to my amazing husband Michael and together we have amazing son, Noah. I graduated from the University of Memphis GO TIGERS GO!!!! with a bachelors degree in physical education. I am an Elementary school PE teacher, it is the greatest job in the world and I can truly say I love my job. Sadly at the end of the year I will be leaving my career and becoming a stay at home mom, I'm very excited about that. Me and Mike just bought our dream home on Pickwick Lake, which is like heaven on earth for us. I love boating I grew up around water and I just love being out on the water with my friends and family me and my husband own a 2006 Mastercraft X-45. I can not wait to pass down my love of water to my son, I'm so excited to teach him to wakeboard and stuff. I am also a very athletic person, I have an obsession with sports. I played softball and ran track my entire life and a little known fact about me I am a semi professional wakeboarder. I am a very random person and this is what I plan this blog to be just random thoughts that go threw my mind. Well kids that is all for now yall come back now yall here.
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